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Monarch Butterfly Restoration by Susan Bohnsack

We'd like to extend a big THANK YOU to Susan Bohnsack for her fantastic presentation on Monarch Butterfly Restoration back in May! Raising Monarch butterflies is a great way to connect with nature and give back, especially to a species that is now on the endangered species list. Susan is happy to answer questions people have on this topic. If you'd like to connect with her, just drop us a line via the Contact form at the bottom of the home page or via email to and we'll put you in touch.

Susan also recommends this 5-part series that was shown during her presentation:

Raising Monarchs Part 1 - Finding Eggs

Raising Monarchs Part 2 - Hatching Eggs

Raising Monarchs Part 3 - Caring for Caterpillars

Raising Monarchs Part 4 - The Chrysalis

Raising Monarchs Part 5 - Releasing Adults

She also recommends the book, Raising Little Stripe: Caring for Monarchs from Egg to Butterfly. She has a limited number of soft copies of the illustrated book available for $9/ea.


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