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Power of Greens: Growing Microgreens & Sprouts to Optimize Nutrition by Jolene Carlson

Jolene Carlson, licensed nutritionist and soil health enthusiast, offered a fantastic presentation on the power of sprouts and microgreens, including tips on growing and incorporating them into your daily routine. Sprouted seed can offer 10's and even 100's of times greater nutrition density than their full-grown counterparts (broccoli seed microgreen vs a full-grown head of broccoli, for example). Jolene also discussed how common it is for many Americans to be deficient in vital key nutrients, and that the recommended daily allowances are not numbers for optimal health, but rather for a level of health meant to prevent an average person from getting sick. Microgreens and sprouts are a great way to boost your nutrition intake and better your overall health.

Microgreens and sprouts are very easy to grow. All you need is a simple container, seed, soil, and water to start. For instruction and tips, along with the background information on why growing microgreens and sprouts is such a great idea, check out Jolene's Powerpoint presentation linked below. Another great resource for how-to and supplies is

Thank you, Jolene, for offering this class and information for our community! Thank you also to Dassel-Cokato Community Education for partnering with us to offer this class!

Power of Greens - Community Ed 1.2024
Download PDF • 11.12MB


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